• William Hill Pro Pick’em Update

William Hill has made some changes to its Pro Pick’em Contest for 2016.

1.  They have done away with the prizes for picking the most losing teams

2. There is no longer a weekly prize for 2nd place.  I am not in favor of this change. There is just the 1st place for most weekly winners which still collects $10,000.

3. It is all cash prize money. Last year they had paid some prizes in the form of free bets. This is a good change except for the the fact that they also got rid of some of the prizes.

4. They have limited the number of entries to 10 per person – down from 25 last year.  This change is a definite plus for the little guy that does not have the resources to pool together and play dozens of cards.

5. They are emphasizing that the contest is has a 100% payback of entry fees.

6. Season long prizes go to the top 3 places.  The Grand Prize is $20,000, 2nd Place is $7,500, and 3rd Place is $2,500.

Its still a nice little contest if you do not want to worry about spreads and just want to pick straight up winners for the weekend games, but taking away the 2nd place weekly prize is a definite downside because this contest is very hard to win.   The 2nd place weekly prize was a nice little reward to people who came close – even when it was shared among 40 people. Sorry to see that they did away with that aspect.