Monthly Archives: February 2016
Free SuperContest Entry

Gamblino in association with the Westgate is sponsoring a FREE Superbowl contest. The grand prize is a FREE SuperContest entry with a 2 night stay at the Westgate. There is no cost to enter this contest. Simply go to the app store and download the Gamblino app (free also) to your phone and register for […]

Client Testimonials – SuperContest

We had a wonderful year in 2015 with a great bunch of clients entered in the SuperContest as well as other local football contests such as the Golden Nugget, William Hill and Station Casinos contests.  It was a real pleasure providing proxy services for them all.  Here is some of the feedback which we received […]

VFP SuperContest Winners

Special congratulations go out to the 3 VFP clients who finished in the money for the 2015 SuperContest. Iceman and Mav     Tied for 8th Place Brando and Don     Tied for 18th Place Crownin Me             Tied for 18th Place Congratulations on an awesome season! Thank you […]

Prize Payouts 2015 SuperContest

Here are the prize payouts for the 2015 SuperContest. 2015 SUPERCONTEST PRIZE PAYOUTS 1st PLACE $906,675.00 2nd PLACE $362,670.00 3rd PLACE $181,335.00 4th to 6th PLACE (3 way tie) $116,572.50 each 7th PLACE $90,667.50 8th to 13th PLACE (6 way tie) $54,832.25 each 14th to 17th PLACE (4 way tie) $ 23,962.10 each 18th to […]

Final Standings 2015 SuperContest

Here are the Final Standings for the top 50 places in the SuperContest this year.  Congratulations to Rounding Again for his first place finish and to all those who finished in the money this year. 2015 SuperContest Standings CONTESTANT W L T POINTS rounding again 59 23 3 60.5 OLGUITA 56 27 2 57 FADE […]