• Golden Nugget Update – Changes to Friday Football Showdown

The Golden Nugget has made some significant changes to its Friday Football Showdown that are beneficial to the contestants.

First, Stage 1 of the contest has been expanded from 8 weeks to 10 weeks.  This is welcome news for those who had their contests end after week 8 last year.

Second, it appears that they have done away with the designation of a weekly Best Bet – except for during Stage 2 where it will be used as a tie breaker.

Third, the folks at the Nugget have tinkered with the format a bit to allow a Wildcard entrant to advance to Stage 2.  During weeks 9-10 of the newly expanded Stage 1, contestants will now select 9 picks each week (instead of the usual 7).  The top scoring entrant over weeks 9-10 will win the Wildcard and advance to Stage 2.  So…. for those who had given up hope last year because they fell too far behind the leaders – this year everyone will still have a chance to win the Wildcard over weeks 9-10.  Get hot at the end of Stage 1 and how you picked during weeks 1-8 may not matter – you can still advance with just 2 great weeks of picks.

Fourth, in another effort to keep people involved in the contest, the Nugget has added a “mini-contest” which will run through weeks 15-17.  ALL contestants may submit picks for the mini-contest.  This is a great change which gives those who have been knocked out a second chance to make some money.  The contestant with the highest score over weeks 15-17 will win the mini-contest.

Fifth, the payout percentages have been adjusted.  The 8 entrants who advance will now receive $3,000 (instead of 2k); the winners of  the quarterfinals will receive $2,000 (instead of 1k); the losers of the semi-final round will each receive 5% of the remaining funds (instead of zero); the Second Place finisher will still receive 25% of the remaining funds (same); and the Winner will now only receive 60% of the remaining funds (instead of 75%). The last 5% of the remaining funds will be awarded to the winner of the mini-contest.

We think the Nugget has done a great job in trying to make the contest more exciting by keeping all entrants involved through the end of the season.  The payout is still a 100% return of the entry fees and the Nugget has done a nice job by allocating a % to the winner of the mini.  The overall winner will still take home nearly 60% so he/she will not be suffering any hardships.

We are looking forward to this year’s version of the Friday Football Showdown.  Best of luck everyone!