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Circa Sports Guarantees $16,000,000 in Prizes for 2024

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2023 Survivor Champion!

2023 Survivor Champion

2023 Survivor Champion!

2023 Circa Million

2023 3rd Place Finisher Circa Million

2021 Survivor Winner!

4th Place Finisher 2021

Circa Millions Winner
Concrete Mike Says There Are More Than 143 Thousand
Reasons to Play the Circa Millions
2022 Winner - SuperContest Champion


2021 SuperContest

2022 2nd Place Finisher

2022 Reboot Winner

2nd Place Finishers 2018

smokey hill win

Congratulations Smokey Hill Elite - 5th Place, 2019 SuperContest

Super Contest Win

Over $10,000,000 won by VFP clients

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CIRCA SPORTS MILLION – Sign-Ups Started 5/24/24 

  • $1,000 Entry fee – 5 Entry max.
  • Pays Top 100 Places & 100K for Last Place
  • 300K in Quarterly prizes for 1st thru 5th and Last Place
  • Guaranteed Prize Money with 100% return

CIRCA SURVIVOR – Sign-Ups Started 5/24/24 

  • $1,000 Entry fee – 10 Entry max.
  • 20 Week season – must play Thanksgiving & Christmas
  • $10,000,000 Guaranteed Prize Money – Winner Take All


  • Circa SURVIVOR Guarantees $10 Million in Prize Money!
  • Circa Sports Guarantees $16 Million in Total Prize Money!
  • Visit our Circa Sports page for more details!

THE WESTGATE SUPERCONTEST – Sign-Ups Started 7/1/24 

  • SuperContest -$1,000 Entry fee –  7 Entry max.
  • SC GOLD – $5,000 Entry fee – 1 Entry max.
  • Reboot Contest – $500 Entry fee – 5 Entry max.


  • In Season Prizes every 3 weeks ,6 weeks, and 9 weeks.
  • Top 3 (3 week), Top 4 (6 week), Top 5 (9 week) get paid.
  • Visit our SuperContest page for more details!


1. Book your travel plans to Las Vegas – As per the Contest Rules you must be 21 to sign up for the Contests and you must sign up in person

2. Register with Vegas Football Proxy and set up an appointment

3. We will meet you at the casino when you sign up for the contest

4. During the season we will email you the contest lines each week and after submitting your picks we will notify you that your picks are in.

5.  We provide the latest deadlines and Saturday submissions at no extra cost.

6. We are flexible and super responsive – doing everything we can to help you have a great contest experience.  We take care of all the details so you can focus on picking winners!


Hi Folks, this is Tom Carroll the founder of Vegas Football Proxy.  Before entering the proxy business, I worked 16 years as an attorney in Washington, DC.  My team and I treat each of our clients with the utmost respect and dedication just as I would with my legal clients.  We are well organized and highly motivated to provide you with the best proxy services in Las Vegas.  Your contest picks are in good hands with us and you will always receive the care and attention that you deserve.  You are always a VIP with VFP.

For those unfamiliar with “proxies” – A proxy is a person that you authorize to act on your behalf … for example to submit your contest picks for you. Use of a proxy is perfectly legal under Nevada Gaming Law and the contest rules.