• 2016 SuperContest Wrap up

Here is an excerpt from the wrap up email that I sent to my SuperContest clients at the end of last season.

Well everyone …

Week 17 is now in the books and this year’s SuperContest journey has come to an end. Thank you all for playing this year and using my service. I appreciate your business and your trust. It has been a pleasure working with you. If anyone is in Vegas during the coming year and would like to grab a drink or some coffee, just give me a call.

As a group, we did very well and had 8 people finish in the money. I root for all of you to do well and each week I have celebrated your victories and felt your defeats. So at season’s end, I like to acknowledge the victories that give us all hope to be in the winner circle some day.

Our Congratulations go out to:

Orange Crush 2nd place
The Notorius C.O.Z. 9th place (tied)
Concrete Mike 13th place (tied)
VotawAAA070911 21st place (tied)
Jakes Trojans 21st place (tied)
MGBTOP91 21st place (tied)
Big Lib 43rd place (tied)
Skinknee.com 43rd place (tied)

Four of you were first time players this year and two of you had played last year, but finished in the bottom 20% of the contest. Glad that you came back and made it into the money this year. Congratulations on a fantastic season!

Honorable mentions go to a few folks who landed just outside of the money:

3 Blind Mice 1/2 game back
Guiseppe 1 game back
GOAT 1.5 games back

Sorry that you fell short, but having come this close is still an accomplishment. You did a great job of picking winners.

To all the rest, I offer my congratulations for taking a chance on entering the contest and offer my encouragement for next year. The SuperContest is not an easy endeavor. I call it a wonderfully frustrating experience and I am glad that you all have experienced this year with me. Thank you for sharing the journey through the highs and lows of all the bad beats and miracle covers.