• 2019 SuperContest Recap

Hi Folks,

I hope that you all have enjoyed the contests this season.  Here is a quick recap of this year’s results and  a preview of what’s in store for the SuperContest in 2020.

It was an exciting season this year as we had numerous people in and out of the top 100 and had several people finish in the money.

As a group we did great and I congratulate all of you – it is not easy picking 5 games against the spread every week.  After such an arduous journey together, I want to congratulate everyone’s effort and celebrate the victories that we attained throughout the season.  Well done everyone!

I would also like to give special acknowledgement and congratulations to those among us who had exceptional seasons:


THEHEIST951 – Tied for 5th with 55 points

SMOKY HILL ELITE – Tied for 5th with 55 points

RUBY – Tied for 25th with 53 points

ZACH ATTACK 1 – Tied for 38th with 52 points

DON PERFECTO – Tied for 38th with 52 points

WASTING MONEY – Tied for 79th Place with 51 points

TDW9750 – Tied for 79th Place with 51 points

FLUFFHEAD – Tied for 79th Place with 51 points

The cut off for the money was 51 points and we had some folks fall just short who deserve special mention as well….

CJCMC– 50.5 Points

JAKES TROJANS – 50.5 Points

SHOCK&AWE – 50.5 Points

RYE ELECTRIC – 50.5 Points




For the Gold contest we had several people flirt with first place throughout the season, but the Gold contest is fickle and unfortunately eluded us again this year.  We still have high hopes that one of our own will eventually claim the Gold in the years to come.

The Mini- Contest

This year it took 13.5 wins to win the mini.  We had 3 folks come pretty close, but fell just a ½ game shy.  Great run at it by:

WASTING MONEY – 13 points

KEEPPOUNDING – 13 points

TMF28 – 13 points

The REBOOT Contest

In the inaugural year of the REBOOT, we had 2 people place in the money and 3 others come close….

JFOD – Tied for 3rd Place with 30.5 points

McGintys Redux – Tied for 7th with 29 points

The cut off was 28.5 points, but nice job to these 3 for almost getting there:

Le Q – 28 Points

Good Talk Audrey 3 – 27.5 Points

Lucky Sue – 27.5 Points


Sign-ups for the SuperContest, SC Gold and the Reboot will begin on January 13, 2020.   You will be able to sign up for 3 entries to the Supercontest and the Reboot. The Gold will remain at 1 entry maximum.

The SuperContest is changing its format slightly by dropping the “mini-contest” and the “Leader Bonus” at weeks 4 and 8.  Instead there will be quarterly prizes totaling $145,000 for   1st, 2nd, and 3rd  place for the best record each quarter of the season. This is a great change – I am glad to see that the SuperContest is upping its game!

So far, I have not heard of any changes to the SC Gold or the Reboot and believe that they will remain the same for the upcoming year.  BUT for all 3 contests (the Super, the Gold and the Reboot), the casino deadline for submitting picks will be moved back to 11pm Saturday night.


As we wrap up the season, I have to say that one of the best parts of this business is all the wonderful people that we get to meet.  I hope to see you all back next season and hope to see many of you cashing big checks at the end of the year.  Thank you for playing and entrusting us with your contest entry this season.