• 2019 Circa Sports Million Recap

Hi Folks,

I hope that you all have enjoyed the Circa contest this season.  For being the first year hosting a contest, I think that Circa did an awesome job and I am very excited about what they have planned for year 2.  But first, let’s recap the past season.


The quarterly prizes offered by the Circa really added a new dimension to the contest and provided a lot of excitement for people right up to the final week of the season.  What were originally planned as 50K prizes ended up being $143,750 per quarter.  We had several people each quarter who were in the running and we were blessed to have Concrete Mike win the 2nd quarterly prize.

The winner of the Circa ended up with 58.5 points and the cutoff for the money was 54.5 points.  One of our own made the money as MAIB finished in 9th place for season.  Congratulations!

As a group we did great and I congratulate everyone’s effort – it is not easy picking 5 games against the spread every week.  I know it can be a real grind at times, so well done everyone!

CIRCA 2020

Regarding next year… Circa has again exceeded expectations.  I spoke with Management a few weeks ago and they provided a preview of what they are thinking for the 2020 version of the Circa Contest.

For 2020, Circa is planning on:

  • a guaranteed 2.5 million in prize money spread over the TOP 30 places (still with 1 million guaranteed for first place)
  • The quarterly prizes will be a guaranteed $100K for 1st place and $25K for 2nd place each quarter  
  • There will still be 100% return of entry fees
  • If more than 2,500 people sign up then once again the overage will be put back into the quarterly prizes.

ALSO, new for 2020…. Circa will be offering a survivor contest with a guaranteed $1 Million prize.  The entry fee for the Survivor contest will be $1,000.  You will pick one team to win straight up (not ATS) each week and you will only be able to pick a team one time throughout the season. Once you have picked a team you will not be able to pick it again.


As we wrap up the season, I have to say that one of the best parts of this business is all the wonderful people that we get to meet.  I hope to see you all back next season and hope to see many of you cashing big checks at some point.  Thank you for playing and entrusting us with your contest entry this season.

I wish you all the best for the upcoming year!