• Westgate SuperContest adds quarterly prizes for 2020

The SuperContest has revised its payout schedule for 2020. Gone is the original “mini-contest” and the bonus for the leader at weeks 4 and 8. In a clear attempt to counter the rising popularity of the Circa Sports Million contest, the Westgate has replaced those prizes with straight quarterly prizes awarded for the best record over each quarter of the season – $100,000 for 1st, $25,000 for 2nd, and $10,000 for third. This move by the Westgate was long overdue, but better late than never as this adds more value for contest players who now have a shot at a great prize every four weeks of the season.

The Westgate made some additional changes including increasing the number of permitted entries to 3 per person and adding the “Reboot” contest which allows folks to enter a new contest starting in Week 9 of the season, but the biggest change may have been their decision to move the submission time for picks back by 12 hours from 11 am on Saturday to 11 pm Saturday night.

Kudos to the Westgate for stepping up and making some much needed improvements to the SuperContest. We hope that the Westgate and Circa will continue battling it out for years to come bringing better value to the players along the way.