Here at Vegas Football Proxy, we are looking forward to another exciting year with the LVH Supercontest. With more than $1.5 million in prize money, it is the ultimate football handicapping contest. Last year, the winner took home over $542,000. That’s impressive! It’s amazing how the contest and the prize money have grown quite a bit over the last few years. The Supercontest has been compared to the World Series of Poker, that’s how big it is for football handicappers everywhere. Come put your picks up against the best in the world. Hit a hot streak and maybe you will walk away with a big check like last year’s winner.


The LVH (now known as the Westgate) began accepting entries for the Supercontest starting on July 1st and will close registration at 11am Saturday, September 6th. Entries are well ahead of last year’s pace having surpassed the 250 mark. The Supercontest returns 100% of all entries as prize money. So the more entrants, the bigger the prize money will be. The LVH also sweetens the pot with its own money. Everyone that registers by September 1st are also entered into a free mini-contest that has a 15k prize. In addition, there is a 15k bonus for entrants that pick better than 67% for the season.


Vegas Football Proxy will be posting the top contest picks for the Supercontest throughout the season and giving updates regarding the leader board. If you want in on the Supercontest, but don’t think you can make it to Vegas every weekend to submit your picks, don’t let that stop you! Let us at Vegas Football Proxy save you the time and expense of coming to Vegas every weekend. We run a professional proxy service that will keep you informed about the contest and get your picks in on time every week. Call us at (702) 767-1634 or email proxy@vegasfootballproxy.com for your appointment. No worries about getting your picks in, we got you covered at Vegas Football Proxy.