• 2015 Supercontest Registration

On July 1st, the Westgate began accepting entries for the 2015 Supercontest.  Entries will be accepted until Saturday, September 12th at 11 am.  Sign up before 4 pm September 7th to receive a free entry into the “mini-contest” which has a $15,000 prize for the best record over the last 3 weeks of the season.

The Westgate is projecting that there will be 1700 entrants for 2015.  Based on that projection, the payout for 1st place will be $892,500.  There has been one change to the contest.  This year the top 50 places will receive prize money instead of just the top 30.  Please see the official rules posted under the Supercontest tab.  If you need a proxy for the contest, give Vegas Football Proxy a call at (702) 767-1634.

Best of luck for a successful contest!