The Westgate SuperContest backup

The SuperContest is the Ultimate Football Handicapping Contest and has been compared to the “World Series of Poker” due to its top notch competition and big cash payouts. Pick 5 NFL games against the spread every week and have a chance to win big money. Last year’s winner took home $1,469,644 after the 2018 and 2017 winners received $1,422,214 and $1,327,284. Given the growth of the SuperContest, the total prize money this year should be over $4.7 Million. Sign up to take a shot at the money and sign on with Vegas Football Proxy to get the best proxy service all season long.



Contests, Proxy & Sign Up Information

  • The Westgate offers three contests all using the same basic rules
  • The SuperContest, the Gold Contest, and the Reboot
  • Sign-ups begin on January 13th and end September 12th at 3pm
  • Sign-up period for the Reboot extends until November 7th at 3pm
  • Contestants must sign up in person at the Westgate in Las Vegas
  • After signing up, Contestants may use a Proxy to submit their picks
  • Contestants pick 5 pro games against the “contest spread” each week
  • Contest spreads are posted on Wednesday evenings
  • Click here to see the official Supercontest Rules

Entry Fees, Prize Money & Payout Structure

The SuperContest

  • Entry fee $1,500 – 3 entry maximum.
  • Prize money based on number of entries & the top 100 places receive payouts
  • Past 5 winners have collected $1.46M, 1.42M, $1.32M, $905K, and $914K
  • Total Prize Money in 2019 was $4,592,640

The Gold Contest

  • Entry Fee $5,000 – 1 entry maximum
  • Prize Money is based on the number of entries
  • The Gold is “Winner Take All”
  • Past Winners have collected $585K, $640K, and $470K

The Reboot Contest

  • Entry Fee $500 – 3 entry maximum
  • Prize Money is based on the number of entries
  • Top Ten Places receive payouts
  • 2019 1st place won $44,840 – total prize pool $112,100


The Westgate SuperContest Weekend

  • Will be held in August at the Las Vegas Westgate Resort and Casino
  • VSIN will be broadcasting live from the sportsbook
  • There will be a raffle with prizes including free contest entries
  • There is a golf outing and dinner with various prizes awarded including free contest entries
  • Six entries into the SuperContest will be given away during the SuperContest weekend
  • Vegas Football Proxy will be available all weekend